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What GDEIB auditing offers:

DIB assessment
according to GDEIB

GDEIB focuses on results rather than processes and formalised structures. This model is for you if you prefer to live D&I rather than formalise it, and gives you practical advice and tools to improve every category of your D&I efforts.

Internationally leading DEI assessment

The GDEIB is currently the world's leading D&I audit toolkit. Its holistic and value-driven approach is suitable for you whether you want an initial assessment of where you are on your D&I journey, or an ongoing assessment and monitoring of your actions and projects.

Scalable and flexible assessments for your organisation

Four groups, 15 categories, 5 levels of benchmarking with over 250 sample items to assess your organisation give the flexibility to use the GDEIB for all types and sizes of organisation, whether you're an NGO, a small business or a large international player.

Ratings according to established best practices

The GDEIB uses a total of 275 best practice benchmarks at 5 levels for each assessment category, making it easy to identify which areas need attention. In addition, the best practice approach gives you guidance on concrete actions to take to achieve better D&I in your organisation.

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