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We have a diverse multidisciplinary team that speaks 6 languages and is scattered across the globe.
Apart from being vast-versed in the topics of Diversity and inclusion, we have rich experience in learning design, leadership development, HR, change management, organisational psychology, mediation, behavioural science, organisational transformation and innovation.
Let us help you prioritize the topics and find the best way to go forward. When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion there is no ‘one size fits all’ and each organisation, industry has its own needs, specifics and expectations.

Russian-born, New Zealand-raised, Europe-educated, with a wealth of experience in DEI, Learning & Development, training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation, community building, C-level corporate management; and hands-on experience in working & living in 8 countries, Olla founded BeamReach in 2016.

Olla Jongerius
EN | DE | ES | RU

Victoria is a senior consultant with 10+ years experience in engineering, analytics and project management for international companies. Having worked in science, engineering, consulting, bakery, wellness and education, she believes in the potential of diversity for a better future. Gender, identity and neurodiversity are currently her focal DEI expertise.

Victoria Reichenbacher
DE | EN | ES | FR

UK-born, Germany/ New Zealand-raised, and New Zealand & Netherlands-educated. Fascinated by all things people with experience across the employee life cycle, holding a Master of Science specializing in Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Management.

Cathrin Hirling

Facilitator in civic education with focus on racism and empowerment. Researching and lecturing about multilingualism in teacher training.

Minh Salzmann-Hoang

Consultant in Diversity Management, Organizational Development & Innovation Management Ι 20 years international management experience in Brand Management, Marketing & Sales I International Network of Excellence

Begonia Merayo
EN | DE | ES

A Conflict Resolution Expert helping organisations navigate through conflicts, improve team dynamics, boost productivity and inclusivity, and create a positive work environment through intervention, team reskilling and upskilling, and 1:1 coaching. Ph.D, in Organisational Conflicts

Eileen Petzold-Bradley
EN | DE | ES

Leadership coach with over a decade of experience in helping leaders master change, enable digitization and empower innovation and collaboration in today’s fast-paced global marketplace. Specialist in doing business in EU and Southeast Asia, working with clients to unlock an understanding of the cultural and human contexts that support success.

Alexander Jansen

Iryna has been working in gender equality and diversity and inclusion promotion since 2011. Ex-media manager with DNA to support Ukrainian SMEs, sustainability, freedom of speech, and media.

Iryna Rubis

Thorsten started his career as a software developer working in the field of innovation management.. Today, he is working as a coach and trainer for Diversity, New Work and Modern Agile, helping organisations and individuals to find a way of working suited for the information age.

Torsten Schillo

Gitanjali has over ten years of experience in non-profit project management, training and mentoring. Diversity, feminism and gender, international politics and all kinds of activism are topics she loves to geek out over.

Gitanjali More

Rosina (she/her) is a  senior level communications professional with over 20 years' experience working in diversity, equity and inclusion, public relations and intercultural communications.

Rosina Budhani

Mandy is bi-cultural consent coach with a focus empowerment with intersectional bipoc-queer communities. Previous experience in software development and activism.

Mandy Lan

Novella has 10+ years in Learning & Development, as a manager, consultant, learning designer, trainer and coach. She holds an MBA and an ICF-ACC Coaching Certification. She is Italian, and lived across Europe, Asia and the USA; she has a 6yo son whose arrival definitely sparked her journey towards DEI topics.

Novella Cocetta

Sabrina Mazzola is a diversity and inclusion consultant, journalist and political scientist. With a focus on intersectionality, she is an experienced trainer who creates an environment of empathy, psychological safety and inclusiveness.

Sabrina Mazzola

Founder and CEO of NoisyVision NGO, with the mission to make the world more inclusive. Disability expert and keynote motivational speaker. His sensory disability did not stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Dario Sorgato

Advocacy, policy and organizational development all-rounder with 15 years of experience in the fields of diversity, equity and inclusion, human rights, civil society sector capacity-building and youth development. Hard of hearing herself, she is a passionate disability inclusion advocate and expert. PhD in Disability studies.  

Karina Chupina


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