Audit according to ISO 30415:2021

What ISO auditing offers:

DIB assessment
according to ISO 30415 standard

Auditing with the Diversity & Inclusion Service Management Toolkit, an established assessment and lifecycle toolkit similar to ITSM. If you already have other ISO standards in place, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 27001, this is the way to go!
Take your DE&I efforts to the next level by using the first ISO standard for D&I.

Inclusion Score Rating

Use the Inclusion Score to benchmark your organisation's D&I performance against your peers. Easily identify which parts of your organisation need the most attention, which are already outperforming, and the overall level of maturity of your organisation.

Scalable and tailored solutions for YOU!

With a total of 171 assessment items in 4 risk groups and 32 risk domains, covering up to 27 diversity dimensions, ISO 30415 offers the most scalability of any D&I model to date, allowing us to tailor audits and solutions to your organisation's needs and circumstances without sacrificing essential content.

Partial assessments e.g. inclusive product design or sourcing strategies

Starting in 2024, we offer an adapted application of the ISO standard to specifically assess your products, services and product development lifecycle or your organisation's sourcing strategies.


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